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Reminiscing is one of my favorite things to do.

My mom gets really mad at me whenever I visit home, because I sit in her room and dig through piles and piles of old photographs.

There’s something really nice about holding a developed photograph in your hand. Not a printed off digital one, but something that came off of film.

For some reason, it makes the memory more tangible.

I think they look better too. Even polaroids. It has that dusty, old feeling that I love.

I bought a polaroid camera from a thrift store, but of course, it was sans film.

For now, I just satisfy my need for film by rummaging through old photo albums.

Some of these are from my mom’s collection, but a few are from a highschool Eurotrip, when all I had was two disposable cameras. I saved every picture. Even the ones that had my thumb in them. It’s all about the memories! I love poring over them and remembering every little thing about the trip.