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Finally back after flying south for a winter respite.

I’ll have to write more about my brief trip to paradise later this week. I left my camera cord in the office and I took about a million pictures for the blog.

Until then…

That lovely winter chill has really set in San Francisco.

The leaves in the tree outside my window have really started changing. There are big, beautiful piles of leaves all over the sidewalk.

Just in time for Thanksgiving.

(I decided to make this as an appetizer. I. Can’t. Wait.)

This time of year is so gorgeous in San Francisco. It stays sunny most of the time, but you still have to bundle up with coats, scarves, and hats to stay warm.

I love that. I feel like I’m in a movie or something when the weather is that perfect…

(photos from la porte rouge. A really beautiful blog everyone should visit. It makes you fall in love with winter all over again…)

Something that I really love about living in the city is that there are so many hidden treasures.

The other day I walked by this house.


House is not an accurate word. It’s basically a castle. It is made out of stone and concrete, it has turrets and a big wall with gardens. It’s a castle.

I just love that something like this exists between two massive apartment buildings right off of Van Ness. This place has probably been here for decades.

My favorite part is the leveled gardens. From the top level you can see down into the bottom two, but if you wanted to sunbathe in any of the levels, you wouldn’t be seen from the street.

I’d kill to know the history of this place. I’m sure the interior is amazing.

I’m considering hanging around outside super awkwardly until the owner comes out…

When I was walking to work last week, I started to notice how many people had etched their names (or whatever) into the sidewalk when it was wet cement.

Of course, once I noticed one, I started looking all over for them. It started to get really interesting to me, thinking about what people had thought was important enough to put into the sidewalk.

I took a camera to work the next day and took photos of some of the things on the sidewalk:

Picture 1

I looked like a crazy person taking pictures of the ground. I noticed a lot of tourists around Ghiradelli Square pointing at me so I got self conscious and booked it home. So…I didn’t get a few really great ones. I think I might start making a habit of this. Although I might go incognito for the next round of photos.