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One of my favorite internet activities is perusing Flickr’s photo calendar.

Please do it. Every photo is such a pleasant surprise.

Basically, the Flickr staff chooses a ton of photos each day that are newly posted for their level of “interesting-ness.”

Here are three of my favorites so far from the month of November:

the inhabitant

Via The Inhabitant on Flickr. Click the image to see the photostream.

I don’t even know why, but I find this breathtaking. I love horses–I think they’re utterly majestic.

I'll take this one by ãspidistra˜

"I'll take this one" by ~aspidistra~ on Flickr. Click the image to see the photostream

I liked this one because it was so simple. It really captures one of those little things that everyone does.

High Five To the Sun by Kimberly Chorney on Flickr. Click the link to see the photostream.

High Five To The Sun by Kimberly Chorney on Flickr. Click the image to see the photostream.

This photo is just so happy. I love it.

When I was walking to work last week, I started to notice how many people had etched their names (or whatever) into the sidewalk when it was wet cement.

Of course, once I noticed one, I started looking all over for them. It started to get really interesting to me, thinking about what people had thought was important enough to put into the sidewalk.

I took a camera to work the next day and took photos of some of the things on the sidewalk:

Picture 1

I looked like a crazy person taking pictures of the ground. I noticed a lot of tourists around Ghiradelli Square pointing at me so I got self conscious and booked it home. So…I didn’t get a few really great ones. I think I might start making a habit of this. Although I might go incognito for the next round of photos.


Reminiscing is one of my favorite things to do.

My mom gets really mad at me whenever I visit home, because I sit in her room and dig through piles and piles of old photographs.

There’s something really nice about holding a developed photograph in your hand. Not a printed off digital one, but something that came off of film.

For some reason, it makes the memory more tangible.

I think they look better too. Even polaroids. It has that dusty, old feeling that I love.

I bought a polaroid camera from a thrift store, but of course, it was sans film.

For now, I just satisfy my need for film by rummaging through old photo albums.

Some of these are from my mom’s collection, but a few are from a highschool Eurotrip, when all I had was two disposable cameras. I saved every picture. Even the ones that had my thumb in them. It’s all about the memories! I love poring over them and remembering every little thing about the trip.