The boyfriend showed me this today.

It completely brightened my morning.

I find it so uplifting. What a brilliant and touching idea.

Just thought I would share that.

(And yes, it’s real)

I have my heart set on Coachella this year. The line up is to die for!

I wandered around Flickr in search for motivation to buck up the $250 for a three day pass.

It really helped:

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via Guy Eppel on Flickr

I’ve been reading a lot about America’s post-recession credo lately.

It is so incredibly refreshing. There’s been whispers that this recession may have been a good thing, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m glad so many have gotten on the bandwagon.

I think that our previous era of prosperity was more like an era of excess. We wanted everything, and we needed nothing. Success was defined by quantity rather than quality.

The need to get back to basics is truly making every industry stronger.

Take the two that I’m currently involved in:

1. Interiors/Design: there’s a more solid focus on streamlined materials and design. People want simple, quality design that they can hang onto for the majority of their life. People want essentials. I also love the renewed focus on green materials.

2. Magazines/Publishing: so many magazines have been killed within the past year. Some of which were amazing (RIP Gourmet and Domino), some of which were not. And, as sad as I’ve been to see so many magazines fail…there’s a part of me that feels like this could be a good thing too. A sort of survival of the fittest. Do we really need 15 different magazines on gaming? Walking into your average magazine section at Borders is so overwhelming. I think that when magazines re-emerge from this crisis, there will be fewer publications–but they will be better and they will be stronger.

I know they’re kind of cheesy, but I love the AllState ads that talk about “Back to Basics.” I find myself feeling a little moved whenever one comes on TV.