Earlier this week, I had to drop the BF off in the Mission for an interview/coffee date at Haus. Instead of trekking all the way back to the North End of the city, I decided to park  it and wander until he was done.

Best. Decision. Ever.

I found lots of little treasures. So I decided to make my list of….

Things I like right now:

1. Dog Eared Books

900 Valencia (at 20th)


My favorite part about this used bookstore was its little make-shift mural/homage to artists who have passed away on the front window. All of the drawings are done by a local artist, Veronica De Jesus.

I love the look of each drawing, and the feel that they give to the store. Like many things in the Mission, there’s a subtle but important appreciation for the arts.

2. The Curiosity Shoppe

855 Valencia (between 19th and 20th)

Picture 2

No explanation needed. This store is great.

Highly recommend following them on Twitter (@cshoppe)

Picture 1

3. X 21 Modern

890 Valencia (at 20th)

(note, all photos are from X 21 Modern’s sample products on its site. I was WAY too distracted in here to take pictures…)

Once the boy was done with his interview (which  went GREAT btw) we happened upon this gem. Exploring this place was definitely the highlight of my day…I could’ve spent hours in here.

Yes. It is a helicopter seat. Covered in pony. Amazing.

Yes. It is a helicopter seat. Covered in pony. Amazing.

The selection of vintage house goods/decorations is absolutely amazing. If I wasn’t dirt poor, I could’ve easily spent my entire income here. Refurnished chairs from the 50’s, retro leather couches, giant clocks, art deco posters, vintage lamps…I could go on forever.


The owners are great too. The guy helping us had a pretty snappy personality, and didn’t care that we just wanted to wander and probably wouldn’t buy anything. They didn’t even give us a bad time to head out when they closed the doors at six.


My favorite item? A set of old-school lockers straight out of a 1950s locker room. I would’ve killed to be able to put that in my living room…

Once I’m rich and famous (or just rich), I’m definitely heading back here.

When I was walking to work last week, I started to notice how many people had etched their names (or whatever) into the sidewalk when it was wet cement.

Of course, once I noticed one, I started looking all over for them. It started to get really interesting to me, thinking about what people had thought was important enough to put into the sidewalk.

I took a camera to work the next day and took photos of some of the things on the sidewalk:

Picture 1

I looked like a crazy person taking pictures of the ground. I noticed a lot of tourists around Ghiradelli Square pointing at me so I got self conscious and booked it home. So…I didn’t get a few really great ones. I think I might start making a habit of this. Although I might go incognito for the next round of photos.