NYC Recap: Shop

We actually didn’t do a ton of shopping this trip. I wanted to go to a few stores, but other than that I intended on spending the majority of my money on food (don’t judge, that’s just my idea of a vacation). But we did make a few fun stops along the way, which were definitely worth documenting. 

Some stores we visited…

Giant white dish display at ABC Carpets. This will forever be one of my favorite stores. It’s so easy to get lost in.

ABC Carpets Kitchen display (love those hanging Edison lamps).

Antique medicine bottles at the Brooklyn Flea (which, by the way, had amazing food).

In theory, I like antlers. I like the way they look in modern homes. But then I get grossed out. And sad for the deer. For now, I’m happy to admire from a distance.

And the crème de la crème — my beautiful new clog sandals from Nina Z. I’ve been lusting after these online for ages now, and when I saw her booth at the Brooklyn Flea, I took it as a sign. I hope to be wearing these when I’m a little old lady shuffling down the street.

Other shopping highlights that didn’t get photos: Uniqlo (Of course. Thank God we’re getting one in SF soon.), Self Edge, Supreme and Bird.  I wanted to go to the Warby Parker showroom too… but you have to make an appointment and I got nervous.

Final NY post, coming soon!


Isn’t it the best when you have visitors? San Francisco is so much fun to show off. And she was at her finest this weekend. Clear, sunny days made everything seem 10 times more beautiful. All of the houses seemed brighter and more colorful than usual, and the sky was the most brilliant blue.

On Saturday, we decided to make the most of the sunshine and have an outdoor adventure. 5 of us packed bags of bread, cheese, grapes, wine and a bottle of whiskey (!) and cabbed out to the Sutro Baths.

It was so windy when we got there. Of course, none of us had considered this. It was a fierce and bitterly cold wind that almost pushed us backwards as we walked down the hill to the ruins. At first, we were all a little unsure if this trip had been worth it. It was freezing.

But as we all tiptoed across the old ruin’s walls to the water, we were suddenly right at the edge of the ocean. Salty mists of water spritzed our faces, and the ocean churned into pure white froth all around the rocky shore. We all looked at each other. “This is pretty great,” someone said.

We trekked along the cliffs and found a cave that led all the way through to the other side. We huddled against the wind and snuck sips of the whiskey, and then decided to find a place to picnic.

After wandering through the cypress trees, we found a sunny and grassy spot just off the footpath. We all sat, broke bread, and sipped from our various bottles. We talked about old friends, new jobs and future adventures for a long time.

After battling the freezing wind back to the street, we hopped on a bus back to Van Ness. At the spur of the moment, we decided to finish off the day with a warm plate of mashed potatoes and gravy (and a gigantic turkey leg for some) at the oh-so-famous Tommy’s Joynt.

It was a good day. A very San Francisco day.
I love having visitors.

We’re still in the middle of San Francisco summer.

It’s slightly cooled down this week, but this weekend it was a perfect 80 degrees all day long. After a month or so of nothing but fog, this weather is much needed.

Here’s what I did this weekend:

1. Friday night dinner at Nojo in Hayes Valley. All of these small Japanese plates were bursting with fresh flavors, but this simple cucumber and nori salad was my absolute favorite. The chef simply broke up small cucumbers in a rough manner, and sprinkled the salad with torn nori and a rice wine vinaigrette. Even though I’m a mess with chopsticks, I managed to eat every last bite.

2. I had to go downtown to get my haircut Saturday morning (at the Cinta Aveda School. Best. Deal. Ever. Seriously, the girl did a great job and I honestly saved myself $50. Do it.), so I decided to take the long route back and walked home since it was so nice out.  The weather was surreal, and so was the view. On days like that, San Francisco looks like a gigantic postcard to me — perfectly framed and color corrected.

3. Amanda and I wandered back downtown later that afternoon to peruse H&M for cheap Halloween costume supplies. The flower carts down by Union Square were just exploding with fresh flowers! I couldn’t believe how bright and beautiful the sunflowers, hydrangeas, irises, and dahlias were. I stopped and smelled them until the cart owner started to give me dirty looks.

4. Sunday was just as warm and balmy. After a long run out to the Golden Gate and back, I met Kelly out in North Beach, where he was drinking beers with the boys on a friend’s rooftop. We shimmied down a tiny ladder, and hiked up the steep hill on Taylor to a little tapas bar on Mason. It was one of those perfect meals that makes you feel like you’re on vacation — I wore a sundress and sandals and we sat outside while eating garlicy mushrooms. We sipped white wine sangria (for me) and light Spanish beer (for him) while watching the overflowing Mason cable car wind its way down the hill. Moments like that make me feel like life couldn’t possibly be better.

Hope your weekend was just as heavenly.


Ten reasons I love Christmas:

1. The smell of pine. Everywhere.

2. Having multiple excuses to eat icing out of the bowl.

3. Getting a new Christmas ornament from my mom, and looking through all of the old ones with my siblings (and, inevitably, fighting over which ornaments belong to whom).

4. Having Seth wake me up at the crack of dawn to open our stockings.

5. My mom’s amazing blueberry strata for breakfast.

6. Sipping on hot apple cider while taking pictures in front of the gigantic tree in Los Gatos.

7. {Wrapping paper fights.}

8. Pork tenderloin/lamb/roast beef/whatever new and delicious feat my dad  and stepmom cook up this year.

9.  Still leaving out cookies and milk for Santa. Just because.

10. Staying up late, eating cold pie, with the living room lit by {Christmas lights} and {embers} from the fireplace .

Why does everything just feel like magic around Christmas? I love it.

I hope you all are gearing up for cozy/delightful/family filled days.

Everyone deserves to have something special happen to them on Christmas.

(This is why I’ve been keeping a little extra change in my pocket, for the sweet man who sits on the corner around from my office. It’s Christmas for pete’s sake.)


Happy Friday!

The boy is gone this weekend, so I’m treating myself to a couple days of much needed rest and relaxation, both in the city and in Los Gatos.

Here’s hoping to sunny days and crisp nights of…

Girl talk and margaritas


Old movies and this maple-butter spiced popcorn


Pool side lounging

(I realize it’s October, but it’s still 80 in the South Bay!)




image via smittenkitchen


(the blackberries are ripe and ready at my mom’s house. I’d say it’s time for some nectarine blackberry crisp…)


Big cups of lavender lemonade and Earl Grey tea


Painting my nails and laughing over old pictures with my mom



(I’m totally obsessed with this photo btw)

Mmmm. Getting warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

Happy Weekend loves!

I am so ready for summer.

The weather in San Francisco has been teasing me with clear, bright, sunshine filled days interrupted by a week of angry clouds and stormy skies.

I’m craving the smell of hot summer nights, neon blue pools, coconut scented sunscreen, and sand sticking to my feet.

Mmmm… I can’t wait. I’m already planning a vacation.

Here’s hoping for a heat wave!

[all images via weheartit]

I love buttons, don’t you? They’re like mini works of art.

I actually did a report on buttons in the fifth grade. I think I just wanted an excuse to glue a bunch of buttons to a posterboard.

This Etsy shop has the best vintage buttons.

I’d buy them all but I can’t figure out what to do with them yet…

I love love love love love my new bag from Etsy!

I finally got it in the mail this week and I am obsessed.


I’ve been using this sad little tote to get my computer to and from work the past few months, and it was definitely on its last leg.

I spend a good amount of time on Etsy (as evidenced here), and one day I happened upon this shop with these lovely lovely handmade leather bags and accessories.


As you can tell, I fell in love.

The bag is perfect. Gorgeous, holds my MacBook beautifully, and is super comfortable as a tote or a satchel.

Props to you Paulina Carcach! Job well done!

Check out more of Paulina’s handmade leather bags etc at her Etsy shop here

We FINALLY finished painting the dining room this weekend. I love the color (Paris Green from Benjamin Moore).

(Sorry for the horrible photo quality…c/o my iPhone)


And we now have our classic dark wood Ikea table/chairs, but the room is still very empty looking.

We have hardly eaten in there, because last time we did, my boyfriend looked at me and said: “It’s so empty in here, it’s echoing.”

And it totally was.

So I’ve been scouring Etsy etc for anything to help make it feel more homey.

We have this ancient and disfunctional chandelier in there that desperately needs to be replaced. And I think I found the perfect new fixture:

belfast lamp

(via LampGoods on Etsy)

I love it. Vintage, industrial looking…I think it would add a great feel.

And for a centerpiece?

I have been obsessing about these parchment lampshades from Dekoop.

Screen shot 2009-10-05 at 2.07.43 PM

Screen shot 2009-10-05 at 2.08.06 PM

Since they’re meant for wine glasses, I finally found the perfect set (via Etsy of course. Thanks to fullcirclehome):

etsy goblets


Now I just need something for the walls…

Things I love right now:

Picture 2

I’ve decided that in design, in food, in art, in fashion, and in LIFE, the simpler things are usually the best things. I feel like being complicated is overrated. Why make things complex when what is plain, pure, and clean is just so much better, and so much easier?

Just a few simple things I love right now:

1. Clean Laundry

(It’s twice as great if it’s been dried outside on a clothesline. It smells so much better…)

2. Figs

Picture 1

I love them with honey.

3. White Pottery


It just looks fresh.

4. Almond Biscotti and Earl Grey Tea


I had already eaten the biscotti when I remembered to take the photo. I like it dipped in the milky tea so it gets soft.

5. Petting dogs who are tied up outside shops

Dogs are always so grateful for the simplest things. I feel like that’s something people should start trying to do.

6. Worn wood


It has character. It tells a story.

7. Listening to babies talk

I love kids. But I just get such a kick when babies are talking gibberish. You know they’re trying SO hard to tell you something…

8. Silly signs

Picture 2

I love stuff like this just because it always makes me smile.