Our apartment has undergone a bit of a makeover in the past few months. It’s finally starting to get to where I want it to be — a new paint job, some art, and a few great Craigslist finds have made a huge difference. 

I have a few final things left on my home wishlist, and then I think (hope) I’ll be satisfied: 

1. A couch like
this (we’re thinking more of ordering a similar custom one from Therapy in the Mission)

2. Originally I was thinking of getting two bedside lamps (let’s be honest, that’s probably what’ll happen), but I love the idea of hanging these pendants over our nightstands instead. 

3. I’m a little obsessed with this rug.
 Can you believe it’s from Ikea? It’s perfect for our new dining room set up.

4. New dining chairs are a must. I love our table, but I’m thinking of swapping out the matching chairs with these. 

When we’re all done, I’ll do a grand reveal, of course. 

I’m off to Portland for the weekend! Leaving the fancy camera behind, but I’ll have lots of great iPhone shots to share when I return. 


My urban herb (sort-of) garden:

I love to garden — my mom had the most amazing garden when we were younger — but my little apartment is seriously lacking in the outdoor department — as of now I’m limited to my firescape and windowsills. Herb seedlings don’t seem to thrive particularly well on my kitchen windowsill (my struggling basil sprouts were just embarrassing), but this solution seems to work perfectly. 

Whenever I need to buy herbs, I buy a particularly big bunch from the farmer’s market or Whole Foods. I use what I need, and then take the rest for my bottle herb garden. It’s simple — just fill a jar with water. Then, take the herbs, and cut a couple centimeters off the bottom stems while running them under cool water (I have no idea why this works, but it does). Put them in the water, making sure that no stems with leaves are submerged. A few strands may wilt, but I’ve found this to be incredibly successful. 

For whatever reason, basil seems to take to this damp environment very well. I’ve been keeping basil on hand like this since college. See — it’s already grown full blown roots after a week and a half! 

The nice thing about this is that you rarely have to refill the jars with water, they look pretty in your kitchen (smell great too), and don’t have any of the mess and dirt that comes with potted herbs.

Plus, it’s cheap. And that makes anything worth attempting in my book. 


San Francisco’s hills can be a serious pain sometimes. Whether you’re huffing up the Fillmore stairs to your friend’s house in Pac Heights, dreading the 2 am walk over Russian Hill from the North Beach bars or dragging yourself up through Twin Peaks to get a good look at Sutro Tower — these steep and sweat-inducing hills are everywhere.

Of course, there’s an upside too. It makes for some pretty incredible views of this gorgeous city. Here’s a few I’ve collected over the past 3 (!) years thanks to my handy iPhone (don’t judge the quality, I still have a 3G):

I’m pretty lucky. 


It’s been far too long since I worked on this:

I love my scrapbook. Working on it is almost like meditating — there’s no rhyme or reason. Just pretty pictures, pasted onto paper.

It gives me a place to hold on to all of those random tea bag quotes I keep saving, and all of the National Geographic photos I’ve had in ziploc bags for years.

Usually the TV is a constant presence on weeknights, but every now and then we turn off Seinfeld, and Kelly fiddles around on his guitar and I start tearing photos out of magazines. It’s productive — but at the same time, it’s not. The lack of urgency makes it soothing.

For whatever reason it always makes me think of how the Wilders in Little House on the Prairie must’ve spent their evenings. Is that weird?


You can get a lot done when you’re commuting an hour and a half to and from work each day (I cringe when I think about how much time I spend on public transportation). I’ve successfully learned to do my makeup on a moving train with nothing more than an iPhone as my mirror. I write grocery lists, plan out my week, send emails, catch up with old friends on the phone, listen to a lot of NPR and get a ton of reading done.

The key to packing my bag each morning is making sure I have all of my everyday essentials without looking like a bag lady. Daily lunch is packed in a separate, small tote with my tupperware. But here’s what goes in my Cambridge Satchel:

Moleskine planner.
Raybans and Warbys.
Keys, wallet, business card holder (the little blue and gray pouches).
Nook Simple Touch (thanks Dad!). 
Benetint and Rosebud’s lip salve (in case I have to run out the door without makeup).
My Flat Vernacular Wallpaper pouch to tuck any other knick-knacks in.

Of course, there are the occasional bag lady days (I’ve whacked more than one unsuspecting businessman in the head with my yoga mat), but most of the time this works perfectly.


Glimpses from my Sunday:

1. Meandering through the Fort Mason community garden …

For SF residents, this hidden gem behind Fort Mason park is well worth visiting. Locals have their own plots — now bursting with blooms and produce — that they care for throughout the year.

The whole garden is open to the public to enjoy — benches, tables and grills are littered throughout to encourage people to take advantage of the park.

It’s amazing what’s growing here — in the middle of the city. Beans, tomatoes, corn, herbs, squash, beets, carrots, lettuces and every type of flower, grass and succulent imaginable.

There’s a greenhouse for more delicate flowers.

Patches of succulents fill up any potential empty space.

A shaded potting shed protects hard working gardeners from the sun’s rays.

It’s like a quirky, edible version of the Secret Garden. I definitely plan on taking a book and an iced tea there on another sunny Sunday.

2. Fort Mason Farmer’s Market

I love this little farmer’s market — I can always find everything I need there. There’s just as much of a variety as the Ferry Building Market — but without the crowds.

My mom used to buy this wildflower salad mix for us at the farmer’s market in Los Gatos. It’s always on my list when I go to one of the markets in the city. 

I love tomato season. 

Nectarines in every color, shape and size are just begging to be put in a cobbler or tart. 

I was really tempted to buy the squash blossoms, but settled on some strawberries and a baguette instead. 

3. A casual summer meal. 

Sometimes I get super motivated on Sunday nights and whip up a fancy dinner for myself and Kelly. But this Sunday, all that farmer’s market produce needed to shine in a simple salad, accompanied by a baguette and cheese. 

This jar of pickled green beans from Happy Girl Kitchen may have been one of my best food purchases ever. 

This meal is just like the ones that Kelly and I ate every night when we were in Paris — just without the additional two bottles of wine. 


If I could design the set of my life, I’d want it to look like a combination of the following:

The house in Moonrise Kingdom

Dorothee Schumacher’s treehouse  (complete with mini horses, chickens and bunnies)

Heidi Swanson’s kitchen

Everything in Kinfolk

For now, I’ll have to deal with my sweet but cat-hair covered apartment, my less-than-perfect wardrobe and the occasional peanut butter toast dinner. 

There’s something kind of great about the messiness too though, isn’t there?  


Fourth of July 2012 meant:

1. Going on a sunny motorcycle ride to Baker Beach

2. Failing to find a BBQ at said beach, so heading home to cook up our meal:

Buying the herbed butter was an amazing accident.

Salmon burgers with garlic, cilantro, teriyaki sauce and avocado; corn with herb butter; roasted asparagus; homemade ice cream sandwiches for dessert

3. Getting ridiculously full and dragging a blanket out to a quiet corner of Fort Mason for a long nap.

Kelly fell asleep in about 30 seconds.

4. Walking up to the tippy top of Russian Hill where we got a clear (and uncrowded) view of the fireworks from the Alice Marble tennis courts. 

Chain-linked view of the North Beach fireworks show


We’ve changed around a few things in our little apartment (and Kelly got a sweet new camera lens) so I thought I’d post a few updated home pics:

The Eames chair is faux, but still insanely comfortable. Kelly was on the hunt forever, and we got this for a steal.

I’m completely obsessed with our credenza (another lucky Craigslist find). I topped it with our ever-growing magazine pile, and my beloved cheese tray. 

A vintage tray from Etsy is filled with a couple of our favorite whiskeys (hoping to add to that collection soon). 

The bay windows are my favorite part of our apartment. We get a ton of natural light, which is why I felt free to paint the rooms a little darker (I’m a big fan of gray). 

Can you believe Kelly got this shelf at Home Depot? I love it. It has just enough room for our music accessories and our very favorite books. 

The kitchen chalkboard is a new favorite addition. Chalk art courtesy of the boyfriend, of course. 

I found a few cheap wooden bowls online and painted the inside of each a bright turquoise. We added a few new chairs to the table (I love the mismatched look) and hung up a poster designed by our friend Brent

Last but not least, I saw this great orange chair sitting alone on Union Street a few weeks ago, and pushed it all the way home from yoga.  Best decision ever.