Have you ever been to Hog Island? It’s not an island, and there aren’t any hogs (at least any more), but it’s totally magical.

My family took the winding roads up to Point Reyes this past weekend — coolers full of cheese, salumi and wine in the trunk — to celebrate my mom’s birthday with fresh oysters.

photo 2Tomales Bay is known for its rich oyster fields. It has just the right blend of elements from Mother Nature to produce tons of salty, delicious oysters. I actually thought oysters were pretty gross until I came here for the first time. It’s hard to resist a freshly shucked oyster that’s been harvested just a few hours earlier — especially when topped with Hog Island’s delicious mignonette.

1My mom got there early and snagged us a spot right along the water. The grill was covered with crispy chicken sausages by the time I got there.

UntitledI love how their oyster bar looks like the hull of an old boat.

Untitled 2Our motley crew!

Untitled 3Just a small part of our smörgasbord — oysters, sausage, olives (my mom is obsessed), cheese, wine, quinoa salad, salumi, roasted beets and a berry tart to finish it all off.

photo 4Cheers! Hope your weekend was lovely as well.


PS: Check out Hog Island’s site for more info on their Tomales, San Francisco and Napa locations.

PPS: Post 300! Can you believe it? 

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