The first time I visited the South, I was eight (maybe nine), and had been dragged along to Mississippi for a family reunion. The hazy memories from that trip seem to match the humid, misty Mississippi weather perfectly. I remember the oppressive heat very vividly — it was so different from the dry California summers I was used to. We stayed at a plantation-turned-hotel of sorts — my memories of wandering through surprisingly green grounds with drooping tree branches, scented magnolias and thick spider webs are the clearest. 

I hadn’t been back to the South since then, so my expectations for New Orleans were pretty much the same, and the magic of the city didn’t fail me. The heavy air, the lush trees with moss and ferns carpeting each branch, the broken sidewalks, the charming street cars — and the porches! I loved the porches. Each with a sky blue roof and colorful front doors. There’s something almost ancient and lost in time about New Orleans — I found myself constantly thinking of Macondo from 100 Years of Solitude.

Of course, the food and the people can’t be beat either.

Very belated, but here are a few shots from our trip. 

photo 2Our home away from home for the weekend. Right off of St. Charles — couldn’t have asked for a better spot, or host. 

photo 1The owner of the apartment is a lawyer, so our bedroom was full of law books. 

photo 4

Walking down Bourbon to Frenchman Street our first night. I love the fans on the balcony ceilings. 

photo 2

We happened on a random art fair right across from dba, so we wandered for a bit while we finished our massive frozen drinks.

photo 4

The oysters in New Orleans are totally different (and MUCH larger) than the ones in California, but still amazing. They require a bit more chewing, but it’s nothing plenty of Crystal hot sauce can’t cure. 

photo 5

Walking down St. Charles was like walking back in time. I would’ve moved into any of those houses in a heartbeat (even though this one looks slightly haunted). 

photo 2

My favorite night was totally random — a delicious meal (and far too much wine) at La Petite Grocery, and wandering in and out of the bars on Magazine Street. photo 3

A Little Free Library! I was too excited when I found this. 

photo 4

If Kelly would let me paint the entire apartment in colors like this, I’d totally do this. Such a refreshing turn from the gray that I see everywhere today. 

photo 1

Another shot of the art fair across from dba. 

photo 5

And of course, the Jazz Fest was completely amazing too. Despite the mud, we had a total blast (although we were relieved when the sun came back on day 2). I’d kill for a frozen margarita and big bowl of crawfish monica right now … 

photo 3

NOLA, I think I’m in love with you. 


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