I love the way people write about food.
Especially in recipes.

Untitled 2

The word choice in recipes is so perfectly descriptive — maybe because food captures so many of our 5 senses. It makes it a bit easier to find just the right way to say something. I’ve collected a few of my favorites from several food blogs I love. Bon appétit!

twist the peel to express its oils

scrape the fond from the bottom

slice whisper thin

sauté until tender

fold in the vegetables

zest and supreme oranges

followed by a generous heap

drizzle half the cream

save some of the plumped up blossoms

bake until very deeply golden

until you get a touch of browning

sprinkle with scallions

spike with a bit of lemon juice

most will be little nubs

it should hiss and sputter

dollop each with cumin yogurt

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