This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for my grandparents.

My grandfather passed away this week.

My Nana and Papa were the epitome of class — always impeccably dressed, put together and presented. Even in his 90s, Papa still had the most amazing shoe and sock combinations. His shirt was always tucked in. His hair was always combed, his face always clean-shaven.

They had the best taste too — every single one of us, from my dad to Seth, got that incredible attention to detail from them.

I should write more about both of them. I want to write more. But I’m still not sure what to say. I’m still soaking up memories. I still haven’t allowed myself to grieve yet — I’m still just floating above the surface.

But for now, I’m grateful that I had such wonderful grandparents for such a significant part of my life. And I’m thankful for the two amazing grandparents that are still a part of my life every day.

Love you always.


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  1. Gayle Higgins said:

    We have great memories too, with Betty, Russ and all of us. Fun Thanksgivings together.
    It’s another blessing to appreciate this Thursday. We certainly are thankful for you, Doll Face.
    Love from the other grandparents.

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