15 minute Sunday DIY:

I‘ve been feeling like our new (vintage) console/bar has been lacking a little something — it felt more like a place to store random knick knacks than a bar, which isn’t quite what I was going for. So this weekend, I took a quick trip to the hardware store in search of something that would help pull the whole thing together. 

Some cheap glasses, gold spray paint, and a fresh roll of painter’s tape came to a little under $20. 

After washing and carefully drying each cup, Kelly and I wrapped them in paper towels and painter’s tape, just leaving the very ends exposed. At first I wanted to do the rims of each glass, but since I wasn’t sure if this paint was food-friendly (let’s face it, it definitely wasn’t), I decided the bottom of the glass would look just as good. 

A few carefully applied layers of gold paint later, and we had just the look we were going for. 

Voila! The entire process took under 15 minutes (minus drying time of course), and we’re both really happy with the way it turned out. 

It definitely makes our bar look more like a bar, don’t you think? I can’t wait to have a party so we can mix up drinks and serve appetizers on my cheese board. 

Hope you all had a good weekend! Since Mondays are the worst, I decided to include a glamour shot of Sawyer to cheer you up. 


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