An Oregon engagement party:

I‘ve gone up to Oregon quite a few times the past month, but this trip was extra special. I flew in late Friday night for my best friend Gretchen’s engagement party at her parent’s home in Salem.

It was one of those great summer evenings that you can only experience at the end of an Oregon summer. Hot (but not too hot!) during the day,  and slightly chilly (but not too chilly!) at night. 

Gretchen’s fiancé does all sorts of amazing work for Rogue, so there was plenty of good beer on hand. The Parnold Almer made for some seriously confusing conversation around beer 3.

The family pug, Sir Pugsley, got a special Oregon Ducks bandana for game day.

Bridesmaids! Minus two. (Missed you Katie and Court!)

Groomsmen! (Minus two as well)

A lovely champagne toast from Gretchen’s mother. I awkwardly finished my glass in one gulp. 

This wedding has been the perfect excuse to see old, much-loved friends on a more regular basis.

We all ate way too much delicious food, cooked by both families, under a clear sky and laughed until we cried over random college memories. As the sun started to set, family members started to clear out and only the wedding party was left. Once the stars came out, what had started as a lovely family event quickly turned into an amazingly rowdy dance party (which I’ll refrain from posting photos of — you’re welcome Mike) that offered the perfect glimpse of the fun we have to look forward to during the next 7 months.

I didn’t think I could be happier for these two. But spending so many afternoons with them in their sweet Portland apartment (with their even sweeter kitties) over the past month reminded me of how absolutely perfect they are for each other.


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