After a few hectic travel weekends (and more coming up soon!) I was really looking forward to taking it easy this weekend. We kind of ran with the “No Plan” plan, and ending up having a great, relaxing weekend.

After a Duck game, long motorcycle ride and BBQ with friends, I decided to relax on my extra day off, and did a bit of wandering (albeit, accidentally, after trekking all the way to Rainbow Grocery just to discover it was closed) on Monday morning.

Meandering around the city was a beautiful reminder of how much I love it here. The August fog really got to me this year. But this sunny weekend pleasantly surprised me. This city is a never-ending adventure that I still enjoy taking on each and every day.

The MUNI wires are one of my favorite parts of SF. I used to think they were just blocking the view of the clear sky, but now they’re just another quirky characteristic of this crazy city. They frame the sky perfectly.

Triplet apartment units on Filbert. The rows of pre-war apartments — ranging from dull neutrals to bold fuchsia and turquoise — make the San Francisco skyline so unique.

Triplet garages just a few blocks down provide some subtle street-level color.

Crumbling mosaic pathways brighten up a slightly dark corner in between the Mission and SOMA.

I bet you’d never guess this is an auto-shop, right?

I love telephone wires too. I’ve written stories where there were telephone wires visible in the background of photos or in backyards, and somehow that always generates negative comments. It’s not for everyone, but I love that you can find them all over the country — cities, farmland, beach towns. There’s something very urban, but also kind of old-fashioned about them. 


PS: Sorry for the totally random post friends. I’ve been in the weirdest, most introspective mood ever lately. I have a couple delicious recipes I’m hoping to try this week — and some home updates! — so if you’re a little patient, we should be back to business as usual.

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