My urban herb (sort-of) garden:

I love to garden — my mom had the most amazing garden when we were younger — but my little apartment is seriously lacking in the outdoor department — as of now I’m limited to my firescape and windowsills. Herb seedlings don’t seem to thrive particularly well on my kitchen windowsill (my struggling basil sprouts were just embarrassing), but this solution seems to work perfectly. 

Whenever I need to buy herbs, I buy a particularly big bunch from the farmer’s market or Whole Foods. I use what I need, and then take the rest for my bottle herb garden. It’s simple — just fill a jar with water. Then, take the herbs, and cut a couple centimeters off the bottom stems while running them under cool water (I have no idea why this works, but it does). Put them in the water, making sure that no stems with leaves are submerged. A few strands may wilt, but I’ve found this to be incredibly successful. 

For whatever reason, basil seems to take to this damp environment very well. I’ve been keeping basil on hand like this since college. See — it’s already grown full blown roots after a week and a half! 

The nice thing about this is that you rarely have to refill the jars with water, they look pretty in your kitchen (smell great too), and don’t have any of the mess and dirt that comes with potted herbs.

Plus, it’s cheap. And that makes anything worth attempting in my book. 


  1. india said:

    I LOVE THIS. Weekend project happening. But how do you keep Sawyer from going nuts on them? Leo attacks my orchid like it’s his mortal enemy.

    • brunnervanessa said:

      Oh I know, I’ve totally abandoned the idea of having decent plant life in the rest of the apartment. The only thing that’s saved me is that this windowsill in the kitchen is pretty hard for him to get to — and he’s lazy. Every now and then I do come in and find him chomping on basil flowers though…

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