I’ve been craving Mexican food like crazy lately. But since that usually involves bean and cheese burritos (at least for me) and feeling slightly terrible afterwards, I’ve decided to take a different approach:

I had a few ears of corn, some cucumber and some peppers from the Farmer’s market left in the fridge, and Kelly’s boss had just given us some amazing tomatoes from her garden. I picked up some radishes from the store (Am I the only one obsessed with radishes lately?) and decided to whip up a healthy, Mexican-style salad.

You could cook the corn if you want, but I like it extra crunchy (and this corn was really sweet and delicious), so I just shaved it raw off the cob with a knife. 

Then I chopped up all my veggies and added them in. I may or may not have eaten half my cucumber along the way. 

Next, a simple dressing. I thought I had a lemon (which would’ve been WAY better), but made do with white vinegar. I added a crushed garlic glove, a healthy dash of cumin, and a good sprinkle of Tapatio for spice. 

Feta, basil, and a half cup of cooked quinoa were added in at the last minute, along with the dressing. A few good tosses later, and it was ready to serve. 

I decided to put a few crushed up tortilla chips on top for extra crunch, and LOTS of Tapatio (I like my spice), but that’s optional, of course.

Super easy, only took about 15 minutes and there were plenty of leftovers for lunch today. Next time I’m going to try mixing in some avocado and cilantro for a slightly different twist. 


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