You can get a lot done when you’re commuting an hour and a half to and from work each day (I cringe when I think about how much time I spend on public transportation). I’ve successfully learned to do my makeup on a moving train with nothing more than an iPhone as my mirror. I write grocery lists, plan out my week, send emails, catch up with old friends on the phone, listen to a lot of NPR and get a ton of reading done.

The key to packing my bag each morning is making sure I have all of my everyday essentials without looking like a bag lady. Daily lunch is packed in a separate, small tote with my tupperware. But here’s what goes in my Cambridge Satchel:

Moleskine planner.
Raybans and Warbys.
Keys, wallet, business card holder (the little blue and gray pouches).
Nook Simple Touch (thanks Dad!). 
Benetint and Rosebud’s lip salve (in case I have to run out the door without makeup).
My Flat Vernacular Wallpaper pouch to tuck any other knick-knacks in.

Of course, there are the occasional bag lady days (I’ve whacked more than one unsuspecting businessman in the head with my yoga mat), but most of the time this works perfectly.


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