Glimpses from my Sunday:

1. Meandering through the Fort Mason community garden …

For SF residents, this hidden gem behind Fort Mason park is well worth visiting. Locals have their own plots — now bursting with blooms and produce — that they care for throughout the year.

The whole garden is open to the public to enjoy — benches, tables and grills are littered throughout to encourage people to take advantage of the park.

It’s amazing what’s growing here — in the middle of the city. Beans, tomatoes, corn, herbs, squash, beets, carrots, lettuces and every type of flower, grass and succulent imaginable.

There’s a greenhouse for more delicate flowers.

Patches of succulents fill up any potential empty space.

A shaded potting shed protects hard working gardeners from the sun’s rays.

It’s like a quirky, edible version of the Secret Garden. I definitely plan on taking a book and an iced tea there on another sunny Sunday.

2. Fort Mason Farmer’s Market

I love this little farmer’s market — I can always find everything I need there. There’s just as much of a variety as the Ferry Building Market — but without the crowds.

My mom used to buy this wildflower salad mix for us at the farmer’s market in Los Gatos. It’s always on my list when I go to one of the markets in the city. 

I love tomato season. 

Nectarines in every color, shape and size are just begging to be put in a cobbler or tart. 

I was really tempted to buy the squash blossoms, but settled on some strawberries and a baguette instead. 

3. A casual summer meal. 

Sometimes I get super motivated on Sunday nights and whip up a fancy dinner for myself and Kelly. But this Sunday, all that farmer’s market produce needed to shine in a simple salad, accompanied by a baguette and cheese. 

This jar of pickled green beans from Happy Girl Kitchen may have been one of my best food purchases ever. 

This meal is just like the ones that Kelly and I ate every night when we were in Paris — just without the additional two bottles of wine. 


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