Weird things I like to do:

1. Wear my bathrobe for as long as possible after getting out of the shower.

2. Be the first person in my building to empty the trash after the trash guys come.

3. Organize my refrigerator so it looks pretty and full (even when it isn’t).

4.  Get fashion advice from hip kids on mommy blogs (Um, have you ever seen the girls at My Cakies? SO CUTE)

5. Google image search “cutest puppy ever,” “cutest kitty ever,” and “cutest bunny ever” on a regular basis.

6. Obsess over crossing out my daily to do list in my planner.

7. Write grocery lists weeks before I need to go shopping.

8.  Hum and talk to myself. Constantly.

9. Sing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush when Kelly’s not home (I’ve been doing this since the 3rd grade, and I’ll probably do it until I’m 100).

10. Yelp and Google a restaurant to death before going. Oh, and deciding what I’m going to order embarrassingly far in advance.

1 comment
  1. Gayle Higgins said:

    My little OCD. Of course, some of those things you get from me!

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