When I feel lost,

when I can’t remember who I am,

when I can’t pull myself out of my head …

I always find what I need in my family.

Last weekend, my mom, my sister and I drove down to Santa Barbara for a quick 3 day jaunt in the sunshine.

Oh I needed this vacation so badly. Life was just getting to me. This trip was perfect — short and so so sweet.

There was a lot of wine, seafood and warm weather. I got horrifically burnt reading this book (so good!) by the pool. During dinners and evening walks, we all laughed uncontrollably (constant tears) recalling silly memories and weird quirks that only the three of us know about.

I honestly haven’t laughed that hard in months.

Here’s a quick recap:

We did a tour of Hearst Castle on the way down. Californians and non-Californians alike — this is a must. It doesn’t matter if you have zero interest in history and design — this place will still blow you away.

That night, we got into Santa Barbara and decided to walk down the pier for a casual meal. This place was packed — so we figured it was good.

We were right. So much seafood, so much white wine (which was needed for the brisk walk back to the hotel).

Our hotel had the best little wine and appetizer bar facing the ocean. It made for amazing people watching.

The morning after our seafood feast, we decided we needed a little exercise and rented bikes to ride along the water. We inevitably bickered about where to go and who was going too slow and when we needed to turn around to return the bikes in time — but hey, that’s what families do, right?

On our last night, we got a little dressed up and walked down State Street for shopping and dinner. It was packed, but we weren’t in a hurry. I never mind waiting when I’m on vacation (time just moves slower, you know?) so we wandered for a while.

The warm evening walks back to the hotel were some of my favorite parts of the trip. We talked about everything — from politics, to boyfriends, to people we hadn’t thought about in forever.

And we made a pact to do this every year.  

1 comment
  1. Gayle Higgins said:

    When my parents first moved to CA, we lived in Santa Barbara. I love SB.
    I remember the State St. movie theatre looked like a Spanish town inside. Very unique. Glad you all had a good time.

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