NYC Trip Recap: WANDER

While food is always a highlight, my favorite moments during this NYC trip were spent just wandering around the city. I hadn’t spent much time in Brooklyn, and one day the beautiful weather demanded that we take a nice, long walk from Crown Heights to Williamsburg.

Our lovely hostess, Miss India, took this super cute pic of me and Kelly. I want to frame it. 

Isn’t the Brooklyn Library pretty? I totally would’ve gone inside but it was just way too nice outside to spend hours poring over books. 

I loved our walk through Williamsburg. So much to look at — so much potential shopping I had to say no to. Such is the life is a poor girl like moi.   

Our beautiful view while we snacked on treats from Smorgasburg. There were SO MANY options to choose from, but I finally settled on a Asian inspired taco with ahi tuna. It was amazing.

Hi Kelly.


On our very first day, we walked ridiculously far, finally ending up at the High Line

I love how New York has all of these hidden spots, nestled between the bustle. It’s like a totally different world. 

I was a big fan of these birdhouses. I’d love to put one outside our window so Sawyer can get some decent bird watching in. 

Early evening view off of the High Line.  

It’s funny, since New York is in so many movies/TV shows/books/photos, I always feel like every single bit of it looks like it popped off a movie set, you know?

I’m already excited to go back. Luckily, I don’t have long to wait! 

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