NYC Recap: Shop

We actually didn’t do a ton of shopping this trip. I wanted to go to a few stores, but other than that I intended on spending the majority of my money on food (don’t judge, that’s just my idea of a vacation). But we did make a few fun stops along the way, which were definitely worth documenting. 

Some stores we visited…

Giant white dish display at ABC Carpets. This will forever be one of my favorite stores. It’s so easy to get lost in.

ABC Carpets Kitchen display (love those hanging Edison lamps).

Antique medicine bottles at the Brooklyn Flea (which, by the way, had amazing food).

In theory, I like antlers. I like the way they look in modern homes. But then I get grossed out. And sad for the deer. For now, I’m happy to admire from a distance.

And the crème de la crème — my beautiful new clog sandals from Nina Z. I’ve been lusting after these online for ages now, and when I saw her booth at the Brooklyn Flea, I took it as a sign. I hope to be wearing these when I’m a little old lady shuffling down the street.

Other shopping highlights that didn’t get photos: Uniqlo (Of course. Thank God we’re getting one in SF soon.), Self Edge, Supreme and Bird.  I wanted to go to the Warby Parker showroom too… but you have to make an appointment and I got nervous.

Final NY post, coming soon!


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