I was at home sick for the past few days, and stuck inside 24/7 due to particularly gloomy weather.

Surprisingly, I didn’t end up just lounging around and watching Felicity (okay well maybe a little), and instead got super productive.

A few of the fruits of my  labor, due to my bout of cabin fever:

(before & after shots included)

Chevron friendship bracelet: completed!

New kitchen chalkboard (now adorned with my fave Julia Child quote, not visible here): completed!

Pretty new green contact paper in my kitchen drawers! (I would show you before pictures, but these are already boring enough as is)

And last but not least, I had a healthy 5 inches chopped off my hair on Saturday. (These pictures are silly but you get the idea)

Spring cleaning seriously got the best of me this weekend. Isn’t it the best? I’m already mildly OCD (okay, majorly OCD according to Kelly), but I think the craving for clean at this time of year is pretty universal. Something as simple as cleaning out your kitchen drawers almost resets your brain a bit. It’s weird but true — just thinking about my clean kitchen makes me feel better. It gives me motivation — clearing out the physical clutter automatically clears out the mental clutter too. 

Now I just need to clean out my closet and make a seriously big IKEA trip. Then maybe I’ll make some progress on that essay I’ve been wanting to finish up… 

  1. Gayle Higgins said:

    Love your hair! And yes, this is the time for Spring cleaning. I get the urge and then it snows or rains; and the “urge” goes away with muddy dog prints.

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