This weekend was all about getting some much needed R&R. Kelly and I decided to trek off to Monterey and Carmel for a couple days, and spent the entire time…

… wandering along the beach (and inevitably gushing over every dog in sight) …

… getting a glimpse of every type of sea creature imaginable at the Monterey Bay Aquarium …

… chowing down on some seriously delicious food (polenta from here, soup/sandy from here) …

… taking in the views wherever and whenever possible (the shot on the left is from the upper deck at the aquarium, and the one on the right is in Carmel looking towards Pebble Beach) …

… playing with the cutest bunny ever, and taking a long drive through the mossy oak groves in the highlands.

After dinner on Saturday we drank wine and beer on the hotel bed and snuck out to the hot tub. It almost felt like high school, you know? The hot water made us instantly sleepy, and after we tiptoed back to the room I fell asleep with chlorine-scented wet hair in front of the fire. 

Just what I needed, really. It was just such a relief to get out of the city and not think about life for a couple of days.


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