A few weeks ago, we hosted our first ever Pie Party.

It was actually just our first party  in general (I know, after 2 years here!),  but the theme was pretty fantastic.

I don’t really like cake… I never have. And if I have the choice between fruit and chocolate, I’ll usually choose fruit. Which is why pies are my ideal dessert: sugary, tart fruit wrapped in a flaky crust. YUM. I came up with the idea of an entire party revolving around this amazing dessert during some particularly intense pre-holiday pie craving.

So basically, there were only two requirements for the party: bring a homemade pie, and bring a bottle of something to drink. 

Kelly and I guaranteed mood music, lovely company, and a prize to the pie that got the most votes at the end of the night.

I was so impressed with all of our friends. Everyone got crazy creative. 

I made an apple pie with a white cheddar rosemary crust, which was good, but needed a bit of work.

(My baking skills are less than ideal)

Kelly made this crazy bacon-covered concoction, filled with potatoes and cheese. It was gobbled down in about 2 minutes.

There was honestly a little of everything. Pear, coconut, apple, berry, cream, a quiche, and even Shepherd’s pie!

My friend Joelle was brilliant and made a mud pie — don’t you remember eating those at parties in elementary school? She even put in gummy worms, a fake flower, and served it in a flower pot. 

This was right before the big 49er game, so everyone was in the spirit. How amazing is that crust? My friend Ashley is brilliant. 

Yes, the pies were that good. 

Curious who won?

Kelly’s bacon and cheese stroke of genius won everyone over. It’s hard to go wrong with those ingredients! But since it would be weird to give himself the prize that he bought, we gave the bottle of Crown Royal to Ashley — her 49er cherry pie was a close second. 

 It was too much fun to see (and taste) everyone’s culinary abilities — I have some truly talented friends.   


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