Finally put up some dining room wall art! Hurrah!

{as evidenced below}

(This is just a peek of an amazing poster wall calendar from Linnea Design. The full 12 posters were way too large for my iPhone camera to handle, but you can see all of them here.)

And now I’m on a kick. I want to plaster all of my (beautifully) painted walls with posters and prints galore.

You should see my “art” bookmarks folder. It’s out of control.

Just a few I’m loving lately…

1. She has tons of these — how fun would it be to create a mini-gallery wall in the bedroom? Silly and romantic.

(From FifiDuvie)

2. I don’t think these are for sale, but I love them! Cute little household reminders. I kind of want to recreate them on my own, and then frame them and put them up above the sink, by the phone, etc.

(By Erin Hanson)

3. Bright and colorful patterns make me happy. There’s something especially playful about these. 

(From Society6)

4. Kelly’s brilliant friend Brent designs these awesome posters for his shop, 607 Visual. They’ve done quite a few involving the moon/space/astronauts, and I love them all. 

(From 607Visual)

Happy hump-day!


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