A list of my childhood (to teen) celebrity crushes

I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately

Robin Hood

(I really hope I wasn’t the only weirdo who had crushes on cartoons when I was little. Yes, I realize he was an animal, but I was probably 5. This is one of those things my family will never let me live down.)

Harry Potter

(The character in the book, not the movie — no offense to Mr. Radcliffe.)



Any of the requisite cute boys in Mary Kate and Ashley movies

(They all looked exactly the same and were still super crush-worthy.)

Harrison Ford in Star Wars

(I maybe watched this series a million times thanks to my dad.)

Erik von Detten

(Yes, of Disney Channel Movie fame. Don’t even get me started on how Brink is one of the greatest movies of all time)

Christian from BBMak

(I had a boy band phase, ok? Don’t judge, I know you did too. At least they were British, so they’re slightly cool.)

Michael Vartan

(He sucks in Never Been Kissed, but he’s a total hunk spy in Alias.)

Gene Kelly

(I watched a lot of musicals growing up. He’s much cuter in Brigadoon and An American in Paris than in Singing in the Rain.)

Fred Savage in The Wonder Years

(Although this was forever ruined for me by his role as “The Mole” in Austin Powers.)


  1. Please tell me you know EVD did the voice of scary neighbor kid Sid in Toy Story. (It’s too embarrassing to talk about how many times Brink! got watched between my sister and I.)

    • brunnervanessa said:

      You seriously just blew my mind with that bit of Erik Von Detten trivia. CRAZY.
      (Good job on correct Brink! punctuation too. Of course there’s an exclamation point in the title — it’s an extreme movie after all)

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