My little apartment:

{this is not even close to our complete collection of magazines, but this is as high as the pile would go before toppling over}

{yes, that’s an old-school Nancy Drew book on the top of the closest pile}

{the big green book in the center is a 19th century edition Gulliver’s Travels that my grandfather gave me, and the Drexel coffee table was a gift from my stepmom}

{the best thing about our apartment is that it gets a ton of light}

{the shelf holds a speaker, our favorite books and other treasures, and a record player on the very bottom shelf}

{we don’t use our dining room very often, but I like to use the table to display a few things, including my beloved antique cheese tray}

{window shelf in the kitchen holds plants, a french press, my LeCreuset teapot, and a framed reminder to do the dishes}

{our entryway — Kelly has a ridiculous amount of hats}



Kelly got a new camera, so I stole some of the pictures he took of our apartment when he was goofing around this past weekend. Not all of our rooms are pictured, but it was so fun to see all of our little collections and piles of stuff through the lens, so I thought I should post it anyways. I’d love to change a lot of things about our apartment. The kitchen is teeny-tiny, the bathroom is ancient, and our floors creak like crazy. But after 2 years here, this place really feels like home to us.

1 comment
  1. India said:

    Love that little marmalade kitty. And Kelly’s new camera! Can’t wait to watch our boys get super snap happy in NYC together.

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