Christmas Feasting

(I’ve mentioned my love for listing/sharing menus before. Please bear with me if you don’t share this obsession.)

Christmas Eve: (Mom’s house, Los Gatos CA)

An incredible amount of Italian inspired appetizers: 3 types of bruschetta, salumi and cheeses, and the beautiful platter pictured above.

Fresh California Crab, caught live in Half Moon Bay

Fresh linguini and clams

Gorgonzola and spinach pasta

Citrus Salad

Homemade Tuscan Tomato Soup

Christmas Day: (Dad’s house, San Francisco CA)

The infamous cheese log: a deadly ball of goat cheese, topped with sundried tomatoes, garlic, and basil. Served with home made pita chips.

Perfectly cooked beef tenderloin.

Roasted vegetables: Carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, and just about anything else you can think of.

Roasted brussels sprouts with lemon and bacon

Fingerling potatoes with herbs

It was a pretty epic two days of food. The main reason I love the holidays is about the food — not necessarily eating it (although that’s obviously a bonus), but preparing it. I love to cook. It’s soothing for me. The process can be chaotic, but there’s something really therapeutic about producing something delicious for people you love. And getting to cook with the people I love is even better.

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