I’ve decided to start wearing berets.

(I realize this really isn’t worth an entire blog post, but I find it very exciting)

I currently have three berets: navy blue, bright green, leopard. The leopard one is for special occasions.

 I’m thinking that I could wear one without looking like a total idiot. In fact, they can actually come across as slightly alluring (but we’ll see how that works out for me).

Faye Dunaway totally rocked the beret in Bonnie and Clyde.

I mean, Bridgitte Bardot looked great in anything. But still.

A lot of people hate Mary Tyler Moore. I get that the overly happy thing can be kind of annoying. But I think she’s adorable. She had the best style in her show. 

Audrey had such an international look, so the beret comes a bit easier for her. I like the way she folded it though — pushed a little more towards the front, and as flat as a pancake.

This is exactly what my leopard beret looks like! Technically it’s my sister’s (she wore it for a school photo in the third grade — no joke), but I’ve adopted it for now.

Try not to laugh, but my navy beret is actually from my Molly McIntire costume. Yes, I was obsessed with American Girl dolls (I had Felicity and Molly), and yes, I had the full outfit to match both of them. And yes, I wore them in public. Molly’s was the best though because of the accessories: knee socks, red purse, locket, dickie, and of course the navy beret.

To be honest, I think that’s why I like the beret so much — it makes me feel like I’m playing dress up. 


  1. Zoe said:

    I think you’re going to need to post a picture of your own fabulous cuteness rocking a beret! I would like to request to see leopard, please 🙂

  2. Gayle Higgins said:

    Is that leopard beret from me? I have the greatest photo of Emily wearing the leopard beret.

  3. India said:

    Bridget B got nothing on Vanessa B.

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