A friend told me about something beautiful she saw the other day.

While she was walking to catch the train, she saw a young guy — not much older than me — in a business suit sprinting across the street with a pair of running shoes in his hands. She stopped to watch. He ran up to a homeless man, shuffling along the freezing sidewalk — with no shoes on. This young man handed off his running shoes, and simply sprinted back to the station to catch his train.

No thanks necessary. No looking back. Simple selflessness.

How often does that happen? It’s rare enough that we take the time to pass a few pieces of change to a suffering member of mankind, let alone something as necessary and as important as shoes. 

It’s inspiring really. A simple and powerful reminder that above all, the people in our lives matter the most. The impact we have on others is the only meaningful thing that’s left when we’re gone. 

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