Lately, Kelly and I have been talking lots about how our next place of residence is going to be NYC. Naturally, this conversation has progressed to how on EARTH we would possibly get all of our stuff (and Sawyer!) across the country.

While I’ve argued against it in the past, making a giant road trip out of it (yes, cat included) is sounding more and more enticing. Especially as I’ve been coming across more of these online…

(First photo via junkaholique, the rest via Flickr

It sounds sort of romantic, right? Packing everything up in a fixed up VW and driving to New York? Cliché maybe, but I’m okay with that. It can be a story for the grandkids.

We’ll see… we’re still a ways away from this cross-country road trip.


  1. India said:

    Guuurl don’t you know it! B and I had THE BEST time driving from Portland to Brooklyn. Two weeks of picnics on the side of the road, stops in unfamiliar cities, national parks and landmarks being crossed off your bucket list. And the podcasts! Whenever we end up leaving NYC, we’ll be doing it in a van.

    • brunnervanessa said:

      I love love the idea. It’s the cutest, something out of a book. Sawyer might not be a big fan… but maybe I can get him to walk on a leash? I’ve seen it done. He’ll just have to get over his fear of… everything.

  2. Gayle Higgins said:

    A good idea would be to rent a van similiar for a week end or week and drive to Yosemite or somewhere. See you you can take the propinquity of the situation. But, DF, I don’t want you moving all the way across the country.
    I don’t see enough of you now. :^(

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