Scenes from the Treasure Island Flea last weekend … 

1. Boxes and boxes of old letters (I started to read them… but it felt kind of wrong, you know?), huge architectural stamps, hiking guides, and hundreds of old black and white photos. 

2. There were just a ridiculous amount of milk bottles for sale. They were all a bit too spendy for my taste, but it’s making me consider saving all of my Straus Family Creamery bottles instead of returning them for the deposit… 

3. One of my favorite booths (which I could’ve spent hours at if Kelly didn’t drag me away) was a big tent full of old educational posters and placards. There were a lot of scientific ones (bugs, body parts, and plants), but I really loved these old-school guides on different types of pasta (there were dozens of these — who knew there were so many different types of shell pastas?). 

4. There were also a lot of great vintage furniture pieces and accessories. One booth at the very end of the market had an incredible collection of old army goods from WWII, including these old Navy blankets and tripods. They even had used helmets, old leather bags, and skis from Swiss troops! I had a mini love affair with the coffee table above… until I saw the price. Sigh… one day. And this phone was super fun. If there was some magical way to make it work again, I totally would’ve bought it. 

That’s all for now loves. Happy Thursday! 


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