Every house needs a little whimsy...

{Designed and built by London firm AB Rogers}

For the past couple months, I’ve been doing some work on the latest iPad/iPhone app for Houzz — an app for Kids design.

(Here’s a link if you want to check it out, it’s pretty amazing. Our engineers and designers are total geniuses)

Most of what I was doing was sorting through hundreds of photos of kids rooms and unique children’s design, and it made me realize something: design should be fun! My favorite projects are those that took risks, and did something unexpected and playful. Aren’t yours? I mean, I love an all white room as much as anyone, but is it really something that you want to spend every day in? 

The project above is like a real life playhouse (with a very very high-end touch). It might be too much for some people (maybe even myself), but you can’t tell me that sliding down that slide wouldn’t bring a smile to your face. 


1 comment
  1. Craigley said:

    I can’t remember which CEO in Italy has his own slide. It could even take him down to the parking garage. How cool would that be?

    Sahci Gallery had a grand slide you could ride a few years ago but sadly I missed it by a few days.

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