“For though we may be the Earth’s gardeners, we are also its weeds.  And we won’t get anywhere until we come to terms with this crucial ambiguity about our role – that we are at once the problem and the only possible solution to the problem.”

Michael Pollan

I’m currently reading Second Nature: A Gardener’s Education, by Michael Pollan. It’s a very soothing read, and I’m loving it.  I’m obviously not really a gardener (minus my little pot of slowly growing basil), but when I was little my mom had an amazing vegetable garden in our backyard. (It actually made it into the newspaper once!) We worked in it all summer long, and my sister and I planted, grew, and picked everything from zucchini, to corn, to tomatoes, to sunflowers. 

Reading this book has really helped me remember how good it feels to work in the earth with your hands, how satisfying and intimate it is to grow something from barely anything, and most importantly, the relationship that people have with this world, and what we need to do to nurture it. 

Even if you don’t know anything about gardening, I highly recommend it. Pollan’s style of writing is pure perfection. I don’t know how he comes up with his constant stream of hilarious but intelligent analogies! I truly admire him and his perspective of the world. I feel like he’s someone who truly understands how to enjoy life through simplicity. 

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  1. carrie said:

    I remember too, my darling girl! xo

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