Happy July!

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This is the start of my most favorite part of summer. Most people I know say that the Fourth of July marks the end of summer, but I feel like it’s the opposite. July and August are the truly HOT months of summer, so I don’t really feel like it’s officially summer until after the Fourth.

Did you all have a great Fourth of July weekend? I did. It was honestly exactly what I wanted. Lots of time by the pool, lots of BBQing, too much watermelon, and too much pink lemonade. The weather could not have been more perfect in the city, but we spent Sunday and Monday lounging in the 90 degree heat of the East Bay. I realized how much I’ve missed having weather hot enough that you can’t wear anything but your bathing suit… It was a heavenly couple of days.

We ended up coming back to the city the evening of the Fourth to watch the fireworks over the bay on a friend’s rooftop in North Beach which was totally magical. I’m a big sucker for fireworks and can’t help but ooh and ahh at every little spark.

Some of the people we were with were talking about fireworks and their history (a few claimed America had invented fireworks, but I’m going to assume that was the beer talking), and since I’m a giant nerd, I decided to look up a few random facts:

  • Fireworks were originally invented in China in the 7th century.
  • They have been used to celebrate important events in the United States long before the Revolutionary War.
  • George Washington’s inauguration in 1789 had a fireworks display, as did the first celebration of Independence Day in 1777.
  • Today, the Walt Disney Company is the largest consumer of fireworks in the United States (ridiculous, I know).
  • In 1999, Walt Disney World invented the ability to launch fireworks with compressed air rather than gunpowder for their traditional Epcot night time spectacular.
  • The largest annual fireworks display in the US is the Thunder Over Louisville, the kickstart to the Kentucky Derby Festival.

Thanks for letting me geek out!

I know I’ve been terrible about posting as of late, but life has been crazy. I have a couple great posts on the horizon, so keep your eyes peeled!


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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. In Oregon, summer doesn’t start until after the Fourth.

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