Just a quick post for now friends. But I wanted to share three things to help you get through your Thursday.

These are just a few sites I can’t get enough of lately:

1. The Year in Food

If this scrumptious photo of blueberry cornbread (genius!) isn’t enough to convince you to check out this site, well… you’re crazy. Kimberley’s emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients combined with amazing photography and innovative recipes is nothing short of addicting. 

2. The Bold Italic

I tried to pick a favorite piece from this, but I honestly couldn’t do it. Everything on this site is just chock full of eccentricity, meaty stories, and graphic goodness. It couldn’t be better done. From the San Francisco Royal Family, to the backstory on why everyone gets kicked out of Zeitgeist, to a guide of MUNI riding rules, to retracing the car chase scene in Bullitt, this little site makes me proud to live in San Francisco. They just get it, you know?

3. Two Ellie

I just recently discovered Two Ellie while coming across Paula’s home on Houzz. After spending some time on her blog (and taking a look at her gorgeous home), I decided that an interview was a must. I just finished up a home tour with her, and I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was. Not only does she have impeccable taste, a beautiful house, and an amazing photography business — but what I actually find most enjoyable and touching about her blog are her chronicles as a mother. I realize that this might sound a little weird from someone who is not actually a mom … but I think if you read a few of her posts you’ll see what I mean. Her devotion to her family, and pure joy when it comes to her children is heartfelt and infectious. 

(Plus, she made that amazing one-ingredient ice cream (above) that I’ve been dying to try!)

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


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  1. Three fabulous suggestions my dear! Am I surprised?…never! The Bold Italic is the most delicious San Franciscan dreamer blog I have yet had the pleasure to be addicted to. The featured found locals and their bios are sooo on point and so characteristic of this city. Greeeat find, and love you for turning me on to it and all these wonderful treasures on your blog. Keep it up my little tea & crumpet 😉 love love

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