My summer wishlist…

Warm weather has officially hit the Bay Area. I spent most of the weekend in the sweltering heat of Tiburon and Los Gatos. I had a bloody mary on the deck of Sam’s, picked fresh herbs from my mom’s garden, and even got some new freckles on my shoulders! It was heavenly. And Sunday night, for the first time in a loooonnnggg time, I was able have a comfortable evening stroll in the Marina, wearing nothing but shorts and a t-shirt.

Isn’t there always something kind of romantic about summer? Something about late night ice cream runs and sundresses just makes you want to be in love, you know?

Needless to say, the overdose of Vitamin D has got me daydreaming about a few summer staples that I can’t wait to purchase:

1. Weck Leftover Set from Heath Ceramics

I’m totally copying my co-worker with these, but they are fantastic. I’m kind of a tupperware fiend (ask my poor boyfriend), but I’ve been trying to make the switch to all glassware for a while now. These are not only ADORABLE and from Heath, but they’re super affordable! I want to buy at least two sets — one to make my fridge look pretty, and one to bring my lunch to work in. 

2. Tiny Pinwheel Earrings from MXM Jewelry

I feel like I might have blogged about this company before, but oh well. MXM Jewelry has the cutest and most elegant yet affordable jewelry ever. I love the idea of turning every day objects into little wearable works of art. These pinwheel earrings are my favorite! I need a new staple jewelry piece, and these are very fresh and summery feeling. 

3. Rose Geode Scarf from Shabd

Sadly this scarf will probably be on my wishlist until the end of time because it’s rather expensive, but sigh… I love it so much. I have always been a big tie dye/bohemian fan (as anyone who knew me senior year of high school could attest), and could not have been happier when hippie-chic started to come back. These scarves are soft, sleek, and can be worn with anything. My favorite part? The patterns were inspired by photos from the Hubble telescope!

4. Cuisinart Classic Frozen Yogurt/Ice Cream/Sorbet Maker

A cute, colorful machine that makes ice cream, sorbet, AND frozen yogurt at the touch of a button? Need I say more?

5. Ash Texas Wedge Sandal

These shoes are just my style — simple, with lots of neutral/natural materials. I’ve been in need of some new wedges for quite some time. I have literally had mine since high school graduation (Don’t judge. They’re still cute).

Happy Summer loves! 


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