I’m about to share a little secret with some of you… a secret that only my dearest friends know:

I’m kind of excited to be a stylish older lady.

I'm really hoping me and my future husband are as adorable and stylin' as this couple

(photo via advancedstyle, one of my new favorite blogs)

{Luckily, I’ve had two fantastic grandmothers to lead by example}

But seriously. And my excitement was just confirmed today after reading this article.

Don’t get me wrong–I love being in my youth. I fully intend on enjoying each and every moment that comes with the freedom of being young.  And I really can’t wait to see what happens to me.  I really love feeling like {life is just perfect right now}, and there’s no rush–I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing–I don’t need to have a plan. Because I can really do whatever I want to do. It’s pretty amazing.

But there’s a certain grace with growing older that I’m excited for. And along with the wisdom, comes a sense of indulgence too.

That NYT article was inspiring to me in a weird way. I’m a bit of a health nut, but I love the idea of not giving up on life’s luxuries just because you’re “supposed” to.  There’s a kind of “why not?” attitude to the people interviewed that I love.

Also. I can’t wait to wear some truly fabulous clothes. I’m thinking a mix of…

1. Grey Gardens

2. The Golden Girls

3. and this…

(portraits from the ever so talented advancedstyle)

Not to mention, I fully intend on having at least 5 cats.  I’m crossing my fingers my grandchildren will refer to me as the funky, cat-obsessed grandma with awesome jewelry, who has a constant kettle of tea on the stove, cooks the best pasta recipes, and has the best collection of books + magazines ever.


  1. memur kitty you must really check out my aunt’s new design company. i worked for them when i first moved to nyc and she’s a super genius when it comes to stuff like this. stylish older lady will be easily had because of what she is doing now. bam: http://www.omhu.com


    • brunnervanessa said:

      wow. i am OBSESSED. your aunt is a genius! it’s not weird if i buy a magnifying necklace now, is it? my vision is terrible and i already have a hot water bottle cover (honestly, not remotely joking about either of this things)
      miss you lady! xo

  2. suzanne said:

    thank you for sharing that blog! it’s now my new favorite as well. i’m hooked!


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