Hi friends. How are you? It’s Thursday! Thank. Goodness.

It’s been so gorgeous–weather wise–in San Francisco lately. I love it, but it makes the days go by super slow when you’re sitting at a computer, staring at the sunshine outside. Boo.

I wanted to write a little post about last Saturday, because it was such a perfect day in so many ways (and that’s worth preserving for eternity on the Internet).

First, the boyfriend and I woke up and trekked out for a late brunch/early lunch at Local: Mission Eatery. I’ve been wanting to eat here forever, and when CHD voted it as the best designed restaurant in SF, it pretty much sealed the deal.


Seriously. Just take a look:

House-made blood orange soda. SO good.
Broccoli and egg sandwich with pickled chanterelles, St George cheese, open-faced on Knead’s brioche
Slow cooked heirloom beans with pork, corn bread, and fried eggs

Plus, the restaurant is just so well put together. You order at the counter and then sit down (no waiters/waitresses/hostess). And there’s an adorable counter for Knead Patisserie and coffee in the back.


It was basically like summer last weekend (helloooooo 75 and sunny), so we took full advantage.

We wandered around the Mission thrift stores first, in search of records for the boyfriends new record player (a gift from moi), and then made a stop at the Bi-Rite soft serve counter (I had vanilla with blood orange olive oil and a bit of sea salt. It sounds weird, but trust me–delicious. It was kind of like a creamsicle, but better). Then we sat down in Dolores Park and people watched for hours.

I wish I had been smart enough to take pictures then… the silliest people come to that park.

Anywho, I wish we could do a repeat this weekend, but I’ll be doing some serious thrifting for an outfit for this. I’m thinking a mix of Dynasty and Cyndi Lauper. Cute, right?

Happy weekend friends.


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  1. Gayle Higgins said:

    I think you’re becoming a food critic. I must say, I love your photos and the food sounds wonderful.

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