{hello loves}

I’ve taken a bit of a blog break this Christmas… so sorry!

I’ve just been wrapped up in family time–which I have to say, is absolutely splendid. We rarely get the four siblings together, and it’s always such a divine, complete feeling when we do.

Anywho, here’s a brief Christmas recap to tie you over til the New Year!

{I hope your Christmas was as special and meaningful as mine was}


Twelve Photos of Christmas

1. Traditional tree at my mom’s house–chock full of years of collected ornaments.

2. Miso and my 90-year-young grandpa relaxing on the couch at my dad’s house.

3. Christmas Eve dinner at my mom’s. Honey-baked ham, potatoes au gratin,

green beans with herb butter, a dinner roll, and deliciously roasted acorn squash!

4. The boyfriend’s gift to me. Remember when I wrote about this?

How darling is he for remembering and searching for it?

I love him.

5. Mill Valley coffee with some ducklings.

6. Seth and Luke going to town on their presents at my dad’s.

(Seth is playing with his brand spankin’ new Nook Color that my dad gave him. Genius! Combines his love of reading and gadgets)

7. A little blurry (this was pre-opening my new camera), but this is my favorite ornament from when we were little.

Two little mice on a compact puff! The mirror says “Sisters are forever friends.”

(I like to say that I’m the one on the left, and Emily is the one on the right)

8. My present to the boyfriend! I got him a beautiful new record player (to replace the broken gross one we found on the street).

We plugged it in and started playing Horse Feathers right away. (please go listen if you haven’t heard of them. These Portland natives are some of my faves–and the boyfriend went to high school with the main singer!)

9. The mind blowing, amazing cheese ball that my step mom makes every year.

Yes, a cheese ball sounds very 70s.

But trust me, this goat cheese/sundried tomato/garlic/balsamic/basil goodness is pure heaven.

10. Christmas morning foot duvets (aka slippers, Restoration Hardware style) from my mom!

11. Lola was going crazy over the wrapping paper.

She is the cutest.

12. Snowflakes in the window at my dad’s house. Sadly, San Francisco hasn’t seen snow since the 70s… but I still have my fingers crossed.

ps: Happy New Year friends!

New Years Eve is always a weird holiday for me (for most people I think).

Soooo many expectations–and it’s never as amazing as you’d like it to be, right?

This year, I’m just excited to buy a shiny new dress, and see where the night takes me.


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