So. The boyfriend and  I went ice skating last night.

I’ll be honest… I was a little nervous. I’m not the most coordinated of gals, to say the least.

But I was pleasantly surprised (I love when that happens).

{photo courtesy of Mr. Kelly Rupp}

After a bowl of chicken tortilla soup and some sweet potato fries at Gott’s Roadside (if you haven’t been here in SF, it’s a must. Their mint chocolate chip milkshake is to die for), we made our way over to the rink over at the Embaradero.

{It was kind of magical}

Getting on the ice at first was mildly terrifying. BUT. I was brave, and after a couple laps started going faster and faster. Before you knew it, I was beating the boyfriend (although his version of the story differs).

{photo courtesy of Mr. Kelly Rupp}

So cheesy… but it was really freeing. You know? You’re not thinking about anything but moving forward across the ice. After a stressful week, I needed a little ice skating meditation.

I highly recommend.

{Plus, it makes for a perfect date}


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