I’m really starting to get into the holiday spirit

I’ll be getting our mini tree this weekend, I’ve been scouring the web for recipes for my upcoming cookie exchange, and my moleskine is scribbled with ideas for presents and decorations.

{I’m also currently watching the Glee Christmas episode. Good heavens I love Britney}

Anywho… here’s gift guide #2! xo

1. Cozy and luxurious vintage Katha quilts from Niki Jones UK

2. I want to marry this little apple pot. It’ll bright up any kitchen!

3. I have a dear friend who loves owls... I think the obsession has rubbed off on me.

4. I’m not sure what it is about this giant ruler, but I’m in love. How fun would it be, leaned up against a living room wall?

5. There’s something so elegant and original about these champagne dishes.

6. Diptyque candles are always a great gift–and this is my favorite scent. So fresh!

7. This coffee pot is such a refreshingly minimalistic take on the clunky coffee pot.

8. Such simple genius. Why hadn’t someone thought of this porcelain bag vase sooner? It’s very Jonathan Adler-esque.

9. I’m asking for new film for my polaroid this Christmas… this frame would be the perfect accompaniment.

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