Phew… finally!

Gift guide #1 is complete!

I know gift guides are usually organized by: boyfriend, sister, mother, father etc…

BUT. I usually find those very unhelpful. I don’t know about y’all, but my loved ones have such a mishmash of tastes, it’s impossible for me to find something based off of a page of guesses (which is why I usually go by price. Hey–I’m cheap).

Anyways, what I love seeing (particularly online) is what other people like, and what they’re thinking of giving their family and friends. Etsy’s treasury is one of my favorite gift resources–I find it super inspiring to see hundreds of “what I love” collections.

So. That’s what I did. This is one of my little Christmas treasuries. xo

1. Plattan from Urban Ears. I love it in this sea-green, and the aubergine.  But I think a bright red would be perfect for my brother.

2. I have a lot of pet lovers in my life (My dad’s pets–Miso the dog and Lola the cat–are my honorary little siblings). I don’t know if Sawyer would ever actually sleep on this thing, but it is too adorable to pass up.

3.  This antique gold facet necklace is unique and absolutely beautiful–a perfect fit for my sister.

4. I love these monogrammed glasses. The boyfriend and I have been talking about putting a little bar in the living room–these would be trés chic, no?

5. This eco-friendly shaving kit is a little old fashioned–but that’s what I love about it. I can see my dad loving this. A kind of indulgence for the working man.

6. Byrd and Belle on Etsy is one of my absolute favorite shops. These iPhone covers are amazing, and I feel like they’d get more beautiful with wear and tear.

7. These little shell measuring spoons are so cute–there are no words! I’d die to wake up to these in my stocking–but in the spirit of giving… I think my mom would love them too.

8. Anthropologie has the best paper goods. This journal is perfect for a dear friend to doodle in…

9. I am mildly obsessed with these adorable prints of NYC food carts. So cute–and so affordable!

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