{A brief Thanksgiving recap}

Yes, a little late. But I’m still eating leftovers so I think it’s relevant.

This year, we had Thanksgiving at my dad’s house in Potrero Hill.

It was quite a crew–about 18 people! But I love crazy family gatherings. I brought the boyfriend along for the adventure, and he got to witness the silly, laugh out loud shenanigans that me and my three siblings love to pull.

{One appetizer table of many. Crostini, nuts, and olive tapenade.}

{Cozy fireplace. I want one.}

{Soft candlelit glow with the aid of tissue paper.}

{Blurry shot of the kids playing Scrabble Slam. My new favorite.}

{My stepmom has been using carpet samples as coasters (which I love), and she made those little fabric leaves by hand!}

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. I love Christmas, but what I like about Thanksgiving is the emphasis on family, and the lack of presents. It’s genuinely about quality time with the people you love, and sharing good food together. What more could you ask for? It’s consistently one of the most memorable days of the year for me.

The rest of the weekend was just a delightful swirl of lazy fun.

My sister and I rooted for our respective teams for the Oregon/Arizona game.


I made a ridiculous amount of Turkey noodle soup.


And ended the weekend with a trip to Fisherman’s wharf with my sister, brothers, Mom, and her boyfriend.

Paper plates covered in buttered crab, big bowls of thick clam chowder, and Heineken cans served in paper bags made a perfect ending to my Thanksgiving weekend.


I hope you all got to spend time with those you love this weekend.

Next up… Christmas!

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  1. Looks like a great Thanksgiving. I agree – as long as you’re still eating leftovers, you can still talk about it. 🙂

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