I’m thankful for…


1. An ever loving, {at times annoying}, and eternally forgiving family.

2. A mother who is my dearest friend.

{She’ll kill me for putting this up, but I think she looks beautiful! My mom has a great face for short hair. Also, I like my leggings.}


3. A sister who knows me better than anyone else.


4. Getting to live in the Paris of the West.

5. A father who is my ultimate champion.


6. Little brothers, who are my heroes.

{This is so them. And I think Seth’s shorts are on backwards. Of course.}

{How perfect is this? I had to put it up.}


7. Good food.

{I love fall food, but summer produce will always be my favorite}

8. {Red wine}

9. A boyfriend who challenges me, supports me, and loves me despite my scary days.

{I’ve kind of got crazy eyes but I still think we look cute here.}


10. A snuggly, unconditionally loving ball of fur named Sawyer.

11. Good health.


12. Friends who are near and dear, and friends who live far–but I hold close in my heart every day.

13. A safe home.

14. Amazing grandparents.

15. {A future full of possibilities}


When I list it off like this, I feel so undeserving, you know? Lucky. And grateful.

When I think about what I have, it makes me want to give to those who don’t. I think a steady volunteer gig is on the top of my new to do list.

Happy Thanksgiving loves.

Count your blessings.



1 comment
  1. Gayle Higgins said:

    And we’re thankful for you, Doll Face.

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