I had such a lazy weekend.





I attempted to go out Friday, and was promptly in bed by 11:30 (standard).

Saturday night the power went out! There was a WILD thunder and lightening storm in SF, and the boyfriend and I were forced to light all the candles in the house and order in Chinese food (I won’t lie. It was kind of romantic).

And Saturday afternoon… I had a great time wandering around The Fillmore with my girls. I loved when Miss Dani turned to look at all of us and said “Ohhhh the things you can’t do with your boyfriend.”

So true, no? Sometimes you just need a girly day.

{Some photos from our Fillmore adventure}

We started off with brunch at Elite Cafe. If you haven’t been here, PLEASE go immediately. But be warned: It’s  a classic Southern, artery clogging, sugar coated pile of deliciousness. I may have to restrict my trips there to twice a year. (We’ll see how that goes)

From the top left: Elite Bloody Mary (yes, that is cheese in there), signature cinnamon mini donut holes, my mouthwatering andouille sausage omelette with even MORE mouthwatering baked mashed potatoes, Jess’s divine Eggs Benedict with Hamhock stew.


From the Marc Jacobs store. I loved this book–so perfect for the store, right?

A vintage library card catalog from an Antiques store on Fillmore.

I can’t remember if I’ve already said this, but I am really obsessed with the idea of getting one of these and turning it into a bar. A bottle in each drawer!

I’ve already written a post gushing about Nest (almost one year ago actually! That’s weird), so I’ll try not to go overboard here…

But. I love love love love this shop. It’s my idea of heaven. I swear. If I ever become rich and famous, I might just buy this store and live here.

{From top right: Adorable book on Macarons, I want all of that flatware, drooled over that nightstand, fantastic exotic plastered animal heads, jewelry made with vintage wax seals, and a secret box that looks like a pile of books.}

I wish I could wear the clothes in Black Fleece… but it’s such an intense style, I don’t think it’d work on me. (Plus I’m a little too hippy for all that prep)

Their Fillmore store is gorgeous. I liked how they put their cologne samples on these little bits of ribbon.

I always think it’s impossible for me to love Jonathan Adler any more… but I was proven wrong yet again.

I want him and Simon Noonan to be my best friends.

{I’d like all of that please and thank you.}

Seriously? Hats off to whoever came up with the genius idea of putting the Brady Bunch in Adler’s frames. Love.


Stay tuned for a pre and post Thanksgiving post. YES. My favorite holiday!

I’m contributing a bacon and brussel sprouts dish this year… which I could probably eat for every meal.

{and my little sister is in town! Hurray!}


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