I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with maps. (Yes, maps)

I think they’re the perfect kind of wall art: cheap (usually), and they’re beautiful in that “I’m not even trying” kind of way.

There was a photo online a while ago of Rumer Willis’s bedroom, and she had this truly amazing map of Paris superimposed onto a gigantic corkboard. It took up the entire wall behind her bed.

I want that.

But for now, these will do:


This Etsy shop has the most amazing and extensive collection of vintage maps. Ever.

The boyfriend and I ordered three black/white ones of: SF, NY, and Portland. However we are lazy kids and have yet to frame them. Boo.



{San Francisco}

This guy had such a simple (yet ingeniously creative) idea–map cutouts! I love them. They’re so delicate.

I like that he really embraces the idea of a map as a work of art.


I like the kind of rough and tumble look both of these rooms have, you know? Without frames, the maps become so much more functional.

It makes it feel like you’re ready for the next great adventure that comes your way…

(images via weheartit)


Happy (almost) weekend!

I have zero plans this weekend (for once), minus a girly Saturday morning brunch here, and a casual celebration for a friend here.

I love the no-plan plan. It’s a pretty great feeling, no?

Plus, San Francisco will finally get that bout of rain I’ve been craving all Autumn. I kind of want to hole myself up, eat lots of soup, and watch plenty of Netflix.


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  1. thanks for the xmas gift idea girl. mama’s getting minnesota and papa’s getting wales. with an oregon thrown in the middle for both. how purrfect.

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