I love the look of natural wood grain. Mother Nature is the ultimate designer, no?

Seriously. I know faux bois has gotten kind of hipster as of late, but I still love it. There’s something so calming about the pattern of a wood grain.

I’ve been browsing Etsy for Christmas present ideas (yes, already), and I got all giddy and excited over all the gorgeous wood grain products (both real and fake). So fun! I think it’s such a neutral, unisex pattern too.

{side note: I love the faux bois products that are kind of techy. It’s such a fun contrast to have this nature inspired pattern paired with an iPad or some other beautifully minimalist product}

{Like this. Divine}

via GardenourLeather on Etsy

{Love this old fashioned Olive Wood ball point pen}

via moonskywoodworks

{I wish I was a boy so I could wear these cufflinks}

via tkostura

{This french press cozy is pretty much  my dream come true}

via pinkdixie


{I want this. So badly. It’s my definition of romance}

via bcyrjewelry

{Such a good gift…maybe someone can give it to me?}

via GardenourLeather


Lovely, no? I love Etsy. I do tend to get trapped on there though… there’s just so many great things!


Did you all have a good weekend? I had a heavenly time semi-reliving college with my besties. I may have cried when they left…

Oh I miss those girls.

xoxo Have a fabulous week!

  1. kara said:

    i love the ipad case. so beautiful and unique. i am so horrible at finding things on etsy. but i wanted to do a lot of my christmas shopping there. because things are so unique. any tips?!

  2. brunnervanessa said:

    kara! you are so cute. yes–i love etsy, but it gets so ridiculously overwhelming at times (plus, there are some scary things on there. have you ever read regretsy.com? hilarious). anywho–i recommend going through the “treasury” section. it helps SO much. people handpick their favorite items (usually by a theme) and put them together in one little section. most things are relatively inexpensive too (fairly vital for a poor college grad such as myself).

  3. Ashleigh said:

    That ring is absolutely gorgeous. I’m obsessed with it, seriously.

    I love tree things too! LOVE. Remind me to show you how much sometime (that seems creepy but it definitely isn’t meant to be).

    • Vanessa said:

      Not remotely creepy! Please show me… I feel like I was totally one of those kids who hung out in trees all the time when I was little. Remember climbing the olive tree in Primary? And playing house around the pine trees next to Mrs. Miner’s classroom? I tried explaining these things to the BF, and he said, “You went to a weird school, didn’t you?” Hillbrook’s legacy lives on haha.

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