I thought I’d join the ranks of Miss Camilla and Miss Ashleigh and put up a little post about our splendid evening together.

Let me just say, the three of us were absolutely inseparable from 2nd-6th grade (maybe even later?).

We embraced our self given titles of The Three Musketeers and spent pretty much every Friday for four years sleeping over at one of our three houses.

Time has definitely taken us to different places over the past few years, but I’m loving that we’re all in the Bay right now.

{I don’t have a cool camera like Camilla and Ashleigh so my Poladroid of my divine apple pie will have to suffice until I can put a camera on my Xmas wish list}

I love being nostalgic, pretty much more than anything else (see here), and we had a brilliant time walking down memory lane together. (And indulging in heavenly comfort food along the way. If you are in San Francisco, Citizen’s Band is an absolute must. Their banana bread pudding is reason enough to go)

Can’t wait to do it again soon!

Ps: I’m trying to create a new blog header… any ideas? I’ll put up options in the next few days, but I could always use a nudge in the right direction.


  1. Camilla said:

    so much fun. such happy times.
    and i expect many more in the future!

    blog header! yes! i can’t wait to see the options.

  2. Ashleigh said:

    It cracks me up that all three of us put this up. That couple next to us had NO idea how into blogging about meals we were 🙂

    I can’t wait for brunch (it is going to be brunch, yes? please say yes. I love brunch). We waited far to long to reunite.

    and header? sparkly. I always lean towards something sparkly.

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